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Do you think trading Cryptocurrencies is your strong suit? Or do you believe that trading Forex is the best thing for you?

Do you prefer trading Spot Metals and Indices? At Market Giants you have access to 300+ trading instruments including CFDs on Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Indices, Commodities, Spot Metals, Energies and Stocks.

So if you’re not completely sure which market suits your trading style best, you’re free to try them all on your Market Giants trading account.

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Trade Forex on
Market Giants

Trade with leverage up to 500:1, on any Forex pair on Market Giants. Whether you prefer to trade major or minor or even exotic pairs, you can get your hands on our ultra-low spreads, and a very easy-to-use trading platform.

Trade Cryptos on Market Giants

Cryptocurrencies are what you need if you’re into the buzz of volatile markets and trading them! With Market Giants, you have the chance to trade 300+ cryptocurrencies 24/7, 365 days per year.

Trade Indices on
Market Giants

Trade the trendiest and biggest indices in the world on your Market Giants account. We provide you with DAX, the S&P 500, the Dow Jones or any other index. Benefit from 500:1 leverage on all the indices we have on offer.

Trade Commodities on Market Giants

You don’t really have to own any commodity to trade it and on Market Giants. Go ahead and start trading with Market Giants all the popular commodities we have on offer, from corn, to coffee, and sugar and much much more!

Trade Spot Metals on Market Giants

Metals will always be a trading “safe haven” and you can now start trading them with supreme leverage on Market Giants! Trading spot metals, like gold, is now easier than ever and with outstandingly thin spreads!

Trade Energies on Market Giants

Buying CFDs on Energies could be your next biggest trading move, and it’s much easier than you might think! Start trading crude oil, natural gas, coal and many more energies now. The Market Giants team is here to support you!

Start By Learning
For Free!

Our greater mission is to cultivate a big number of traders who are passionate about trading, but also make knowledgeable and strategic trading decisions. Here’s why. When your trades are more successful, we are more successful as well! It’s a simple cycle and we’re ready to build it from scratch! In Market Giants, we teach our traders, support them and guide them into making smart trading decisions. Join the Market Giants beginner traders now and learn how to trade any of the market’s assets like a pro.