Trust Is a Powerful Word

Even if you’ve read through the Our Regulation page on our site doesn’t automatically mean that you should trust us. We started Market Giants because of our love for trading. We hired a team that was capable and loved a challenge, and in 2021, we launched our Forex broker. Whenever we hire anyone at Market Giants, we encourage them to use critical thinking. As a trader, we implore you to also use critical thinking when it comes to working with any Forex brokerage. So, when we talk about “trust”, don’t just take our word for it. Go ahead and take a look at TrustPilot, as well as other reviews. We really have nothing to hide, and we want you to feel empowered that you’ve made the right choice when it comes to investing your funds with Market Giants.

Whenever you reach a level of success, there are always those who want to tear it down. We understand that this comes with the territory of owning a successful Forex brokerage, but even still, what we can’t tolerate is slander. We want to lay out some facts for you, right here and now. Traders who trade Forex and CFDs lose money. That’s a hard fact to swallow, but it’s the truth. If every trader was successful, everyone would be trading, right? When you make an investment, you run the risk of losing your invested capital. As we were told when we started working as full-time traders, “you win some, you lose some”.

Would you go into a casino and sit at a high rollers poker game if you had no idea how to play Texas Hold’em Poker? If your answer to that question is “yes”, then it’s best to leave our site and also any other Forex brokerage website you’re on as you will lose your money if you decide to trade. The truth is that if you don’t know what you’re doing, the chances of you losing all your invested capital is extremely high.

So, what’s the reason for us to have written this article? The chief reason is that even though we continuously tell each and every one of our traders to never blindly trade, a few ignore us. They trade carelessly, and then lose their funds. We in turn receive letters from them asking us for their money back.

We explain to every trader that Market Giants is a brokerage, and as a brokerage, no trader is actually trading against us. We facilitate the trades of all our traders. We pass on these traders to our liquidity providers, and we gain a commission whenever anyone at Market Giants trades. Even though we explain this to everyone of our traders who ask us for their lost investment back, the majority seem to ignore us. A few disgruntled former clients have even gone as far as creating reviews online, telling anyone who will read their comments that we’ve stolen their investment.

If you join us as a trader, and we hope you do, if you fully understand the risks, then please go ahead and Google us. Take a look at what the majority of traders are saying. Yes, you will find some comments stating what we’ve mentioned above, but take a look at how the good reviews massively outweigh the bad ones.

Have we made mistakes in the past? Yes. Will we make more mistakes in the future? Yes. Do we learn from the mistakes we make? Absolutely. However, have we ever made mistakes with our clients’ funds? Absolutely not.

We take pride in the investment offering we’ve put together at Market Giants. Take a look at our key USPs, or Unique Selling Points, as a Forex brokerage.

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